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Shopping for a Used Vehicle could be herculean. However, it should be a fun and exciting experience, not one filled with doubt and worry. Finding your used dream vehicles with VA auto sales promises to be a worthwhile and seamless experience.

VA Auto Sales Ventures is a household name selling Used Automobiles in Nigeria. We are top-notch in Japanese, German and other European Vehicles of American Specifications.

We have been in operation since 2008, fully staffed with ten employees who are ready to help you select the best and safest vehicle for you and your family. We are a safety-first automobile seller, and we don’t only want you to drive, and we want you and your family to move in a safe and secure vehicle.

We are also an automobile seller that guarantees any vehicle we sell to you. We go the extra length to import cars that are not only safe for you and your family, but we also go all out to get you the cheapest possible vehicle without compromising on safety.

If you find a car on our website that interests you, but due to the distance you cannot get to us to inspect a vehicle of your choice, we are happy to work with you and deliver the car to your doorstep.

We are happy to disclose that we sell in the region of 80-140 vehicles per year in terms of sales. We have had excellent reviews and track records since we began operation without compromising integrity and delivery.

We are not only in business to sell cars to make money, and we are in this business to grow from East to West and from North to South.

Find the vehicle you have always dreamed of today at VA Auto Sales.

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Every home deserves a ride, lets get you one.

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At V.A Auto Sales, our customers reserve the right to honesty they deserve. We don’t over promise and under deliver, and we give you our word, which is our bond. Our vehicles are specially hand-picked from the largest auctions market. We are top-notch when it comes to Japanese, German, and other European cars and American Auctions
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